Video Instalação. Dirigido por Cinthia Marcelle e Tiago Mata Machado

For the BIM 2016, directors Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado propose a speculation on order and chaos, containment and dispersal, individual and collective, submission and rebellion, here and there. In this opposition games, the project is also composed by two videos: the film and the sketch, the figuration and the abstraction. The video and the animation consist of multiple takes on two situations: the concentration of people/scribbles in a line and the dissipation of people/scribbles when there is turmoil. Between one take and another, a black screen is inserted and ambient of a drum sound that will intensify according to the level of agitation. The scenes were shot from a high point of view, a recurring aesthetics in the artist’s videos.

Serviços realizados:

– Edição de Som

– Mixagem

– Trilha Sonora

pt_BRPortuguês do Brasil